Fife Piper


Character Name – A poor peasant, a man walked into the village and played the flute. He listened, enraptured, and he promised himself he would find a way to play, no matter what.
Lifepaths – Born Peasant, Lead to Professional Soldier, Musician, Runner
Age – 15


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B4 B3 B5 B5 B3 B4


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Stride
B4 B4 B9 B3 6 B0 B2 7
PTGS Su: B3 Li: B5 Mi: B6 Se: B7 Tr: B8 Mo: B9

Skills – Inconspicuous B3, Musical Instrument B6, Sing B5, Stealthy B2


  1. No one will not take my flute away
  2. The Army is no longer a home, and I must find a better one
  3. There’s no sense to dying when i could keep on playing


  1. Whenever things get dire, I Sing
  2. If I get into combat, I find the best place to hide
  3. I always sleep with my flute next to me

Gear – Travelling Gear, Shoes

Property -Flute

Affiliations -

Reputations -

Relationships – Captain Joan (Minor, hateful/rival)

Spells or Rituals -

Traits – [Dt] Affinity for Musical Instruments, [Char] Skinny

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield
2 May Great Strike


Fife Piper

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